In the event you receive one of our marketing vouchers with an absolute value discount, the discount is typically apportioned among the items in your cart, according to their respective value. Here is an example for your consideration:


Tiffany has a RM 10 discount voucher. She decides to purchase Item A which costs RM 20 and Item B which costs RM 80. The total value of her order before the discount is RM 100. The value discount will be apportioned in this manner:

- Item A: (20/100)*RM 10 = RM 2 off RM 20, amount to be paid is RM 18
- Item B: (80/100)*RM 10 = RM 8 off RM 80, amount to be paid is RM 72

The final amount Tiffany needs to pay would be RM 90, after the RM 10 discount voucher is applied.


Some voucher codes are only applicable with a minimum purchase. In such cases, check that your order value meets the spending requirement. The full discount amount will only be given when the order value of voucher code applicable items meet the minimum.


When the total amount of voucher code applicable items does not meet the requirement, a discount will be offered based on a ratio of the sum of items that are voucher code applicable to the minimum spending amount.

Using the same example, if the RM 10 discount voucher required a minimum purchase of RM 50 and Item B (cost RM 80) is a non-voucher code applicable item, only Item A (cost RM 20) is the item voucher code applicable. Hence, the discount will be calculated as (20/50)*RM 10 = RM 4.


Eventually, Tiffany will have to pay RM 100 - RM 4 = RM 96 for items A and B, after the voucher with a minimum purchase is applied.


*Kindly note that since voucher value is non-refundable, you will only be refunded the amount paid for your returned items.