Your order has been confirmed but you received an Out of Stock email? We are sorry to inform you that this can indeed happen.


We perform stringent quality checks and if your item is the last piece available that failed our checks, we will cancel and refund (for pre-paid) the item even if your order was confirmed. You will then receive the email notification upon cancellation.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, we do not usually replenish our stocks once they are sold out. So grab them when you see them!


Exchange Orders

While we try our hardest to grant your exchange requests, unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee 100% availability of your exchange item.


When you submit your exchange request online, be sure that your original return item is returned within 3 days from the date the exchange order is confirmed. In cases where exchanges go out of stock, we will proceed to refund you back to your original payment method (for pre-paid). You will receive an email notification from us once the refund is processed.